How To Practice Self-Care with Natural Wellness Influencer, Destiny Malcolm-Anti

Self-care is such a buzzword these days, many wellness brands and lifestyle coaches draw on the term as part of their top line communications but proper self-care goes a lot deeper than the purchase of commercial goods and it also isn't just enough to pick and choose when it does apply. At biddie we are always searching for what it truly means to take care of oneself. We caught up with Natural Wellness Influencer, Destiny Malcolm-Anti to find out how she views self-care and what it means for her to practice using natural methods at home. 

A Q+A with @destinyjoelivia

Hey Destiny! Can you tell us a little more about yourself and your socially driven purpose. How did you come into your line of work? What is your mission?

Sure, I’m a young black British woman, navigating my mid-20s like ‘The one where she reads the map upside-down... Again.' I consider myself an empath and highly sensitive person, who is also very creative. That's where the heart of my mission comes in, as a creative, I have learnt the beauty of being still and also how harmful it can be to live such a fast-paced, overly stimulating lifestyle.

With a whirlpool of distractions we’ve lost the patience to grow through our mistakes, our pain, and our joys. With this in mind daily, I share my personal experiences of trying to live well and naturally, via Instagram. I will soon be expanding my resources to local events and a website. My mission is to use my creativity to encourage wholistic rest and rejuvenation in order for us to be well.

I’m here to give you permission to slow down.

Can you tell us what self-care means to you?

It means accepting myself as a whole-being, with thoughts and feelings. Making sure I tend to my needs without feeling guilty and growing with grace. This involves a constant check in with my core values: space, rest, creativity and learning. If whatever I'm doing doesn't fit into these values then it’s probably not for me. I like to make sure all of these things are covered as I go throughout the week.

How do you go about taking care of yourself and practice self-love on a day to day basis?

I love hot baths with salts, bath bombs and sometimes herbs! I also like to take myself outside regularly, the forest has so many benefits and it’s where I’ve always felt comfortable. I also like to engage in activities that make me feel good, and rekindle childhood joys like music, just laying still and thinking, or colouring. I also love to nourish my body daily because it tells me when it’s not happy!

What does herbalism mean to you? How did you come to the practice? 

Herbalism to me, means going back to Eden, and experiencing the original intended benefits of Mother Nature. It means learning how my own body works, and having autonomy in how I tend to it. Herbalism has always been a part of my life, but more so when I moved to London about a year ago. This is when I began to buy herbs and make blends for myself and family. It is something my mom is currently thriving with in her illness and I'm grateful I get to understand the benefits more personally.

What advice would you give to anyone who is looking to improve their physical, mental or emotional health through natural practices?

It doesn't have to be complicated but life may always be busy, stressful and time-constrained. It’s how your mind is poised in these moments that will help you carry on. Always seek peace in every practice. If you're not rested, then it will be harder for you to reap the benefits. Ask for help and try not to allow yourself to feel guilty, or overwhelmed. A journey is a journey for a reason.

What are your go to herbal remedies, self-care practices or natural products that you recommend?

My go to self-care practice is a hot bath. I know many don’t like to surrender to the stillness and be consumed by the heat of the water but it gets bearable until eventually enjoyable. It does absolute wonders for your sleep, balancing your body, helping your nervous system to return to a rested state, which honestly is the best place to start.

Also, try a hot and cold shower a few times a week, again it's beyond amazing for your health and mood!

I’d say get on that mat and stretch your body! It is amazing what the body can do under the right conditions and I find that yoga and pilates really support essential parts of my mental and physical health without over stimulation and exertion.

Lastly, get into Chamomile! She is so underrated but has so many health benefits. Drinking this three times a day with other herbs really improved my cycle health and anxiety/stress symptoms. Moon Tea has all the lovely herbs in there so you can just start with a loose-leaf blend and carve out some slow-sipping me-time.

And lastly but certainly not least, are there any notes/ thoughts on your period experiences that you might like to share with us to help others?

For years I was off school and work each month, bed bound - wanting it to end. But I eventually found books, podcasts and practitioners that have honestly changed my life. I advise anyone to never give up learning about their own body and seeking out holistic health. You may just be surprised. Also, the journey is not a straight line, always seek peace in every step and accept the valleys too.

@destinyjoelivia is a Natural Wellness influencer specialising in Slow Living, Love Creation, Mindfulness, Herbalism + Nature Reconnection. She is based in London. Shop Destiny's code DESTINY10 to get 10% off Moon Tea

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