How To Drink Your Moon Tea Cold

Now the summer is upon us and we've got some hot days coming up, you may wish to drink something more cooling to sip throughout the day. The great news is that Moon Tea can be consumed cold! The hibiscus, rose + ginger blend tastes so refreshing and the 7x powerful natural, active ingredients combine to help combat a multitude of period + PMS symptoms.

Read on to find out how to make your Moon Tea cold at home...

The Benefits of Drinking Your Moon Tea Cold

It is no secret that we love the ritual of drinking our Moon Tea when we come into our monthly bleed. It is so soothing and comforting. While most of us like to consume our herbal tea at a heated warm temperature, did you know that there are many benefits to consuming your herbal tea cold? Some research has shown that cold brewing tea at a longer duration may have more health benefits than steeping your leaves in hot water.

While we can't make any claims, the data shows that Vitamin C is more active in cold brew tea and may help boost your immune system. It also contains Vitamin D which is good for strengthening bones.


If you are trying to avoid sugar while on your bleed, cold brew tea is a great option. The cold brew method produces a sweeter flavour, so it doesn’t require the addition of sweeteners or refined sugar.

Keeps You Hydrated

We are always driving home the importance of keeping hydrated while you menstruate. Cold-brew tea is a great way to keep your water levels up, especially on hot summer days. You can actually drink it as a replacement for cold water without having to worry about negative effects.

Try at home —

The Cold Brew Method

Drop your loose-leaf tea or teabags into a pitcher or jar of fresh cold water and leave to steep in the refrigerator for 12-14 hours. 

The Hot-To-Cold Method

Steep the tea as you normally do with hot water, then leave to cool. Once cooled, pop it in the fridge for later or simply add ice. Make sure the tea is fully cooled before putting into the fridge or adding ice. You don’t want to impair the flavour. 

Tips: Make sure you add plenty to the brew for maximum taste. You can add fresh mint or dried chrysanthemum tea to boost flavour/ benefits. You can decanter the tea into a hip flask and take with you on the move. Sip throughout the day.

Drink during the luteal phase and throughout your bleed for maximum benefits.

Enjoy babes ✨✨

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