We're led into June by Gemini, the twins – their ruler, Mercury, still in retrograde and making a square aspect to Neptune in Pisces. A lack of clarity and inconsistencies in energy dominate, as many planets are either currently or preparing, to station retrograde. Mars is seeing us through the hazy fog that has settled over this month; moving us away from a sense of disillusionment, and into a challenging but transformational opposition with Pluto. The focus of the Suns trip through Gemini is versatility, the energy is light, open-minded and mobile – but with Neptune in the mix, a senses of clarity has been difficult to achieve, as the stellium of planets moving through the final degrees of Gemini, have been aspecting this planet by square.  The beauty of this transit and the circumstances it has created, is that it has been breaking down walls and dissolving boundaries within our sense-of-self; specifically our sense of self-worth and how we attribute value – allowing us space to prioritize and attune, to our mental-health needs. The beginning of June presents necessary phases for us to move into the nourishing waters of Cancer, where we will spend the next four weeks; swapping external excess for more mindful, living practices. 


On June 2 Venus moves into Cancer, expanding an awareness of our foundational needs. Cancer is the maternal figure of the zodiac and in these nourishing, fertile waters, Venus allows us to better understand how we can source and cultivate a sense of security; while tuning into more caring and protective essences of intimacy. Jupiters recent entry into Pisces has initiated a year of tenderness, foreshadowed by a summer of love – being activated now, as Venus harmoniously aspects Jupiter, while moving through the early degrees of this sign. During this transit we can open to healing and nurturing ourselves, as well as our close, domestic and familial dynamics. 


The Gemini New Moon Solar Eclipse on June 10, brings a fresh cycle of intuitive understanding. Our personal and collective mentalities are up for review under this lunation, to reflect the deep changes we are undergoing. Eclipses fast-track karmic lessons; under their influence portals of opportunity open for us to let go. In Gemini, and taking place in powerfully close proximity to Mercury retrograde, this progressive New Moon is bringing feelings to the surface surrounding how we communicate, how we relate, and if there are any areas in our psyche that need re-calibrating.


For the past two months Mars has been making its way through the changeable, emotional energy of Cancer; this might have looked like situations that threatened an established sense of security or perhaps encounters that demanded a candid look at how you're really feeling. From June 11 there's a change of pace – Mars' entrance into the bold and outgoing fires of Leo, brings a need to be seen and create/contribute something of significant meaning. Our energy levels and confidence undergo an upgrade under this influence, so that we can assert and follow through with clarity of direction.


This is the most powerful aspect of 2021, although it has been in orb for some time; we experienced the first (of three) exact meeting of these two planets in February and will feel its influence again in December. As Saturn approaches and locks into a tense contract with Uranus on June 14, it inhibits our freedom and influences the way we understand change. During the clash of these two astrological titans, we're guided by the Sun as it moves through Gemini; if we lean towards the open-minded and versatile character of this archetype, we will be able to let go and look more objectively at the areas of our lives that are being revolutionized. Commitments, responsibilities or outdated belief systems that have slowed our progress, show themselves under this transit – these shock revelations are guiding us towards a higher self-awareness, so we can move through the blocks in our path. Keep in mind anything that seems like a challenge under this influence is likely to shape-shift into new and progressive opportunities, for personal and collective freedom.


As Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion, commences its retrograde cycle on June 20 – briefly joining Mercury before it stations direct on June 22, and shortly before Neptune turns retrograde on June 25. This is high-season for confusion, as contradictory information and communication may be flowing. We're traveling to a place we have been before under this energy, planets in retrograde ask us to re-enact or amend something so we can go forward with a sense of completion. Jupiter will be crossing the threshold of Pisces into Aquarius during its four month retrospective, so the themes that are likely to show up are to do with boundaries, the perceptions we have of reality, social-awareness and altruism within our personal and collective communities. This process may not take place externally, as retrograde planets tend to turn their energies inward – instead, this could be a period of self-evaluation that leads to liberation through more personal protests.


We're leaving the intellectual realm and returning to more bodily, somatic modes of understanding on June 21, as the Sun begins its journey through Cancer. The mercurial energy of Gemini at times felt erratic and changeable – ruled by the many phases of the Moon, the Suns voyage through Cancer has similar polarities of experience but they originate from a different place. In Cancer the Sun is helping us to tune-in to our intuition – feelings are a type of communication, and we perceive our realities under this solar energy with more emotional intelligence. In Cancer our attention turns to how we can nurture and nourish ourselves and those close to us, this is maternal energy of the highest calibre – slowing the pace so we can observe our needs, and integrate healing rituals to support our well-being.


Mercury stations direct on June 22, after a powerful and unfiltered retrograde though its home sign of Gemini. We're not out of the woods of this transit for a couple of weeks, as the post-shadow residue is still amalgamating and finding form. Mercury began its retrograde squaring Neptune, causing confusing, deceptive encounters and distortion to thoughts and communication – as Mercury re-calibrates its path into the future, there is a different more grounded energy; Mercury is aspecting Saturn by trine, allowing us to trust what people say and make decisions that have permanence.


On June 24 we reach a point of completion, the Full Moon in Capricorn joins Pluto, from a distance, in the same sign. Pluto brings transformation and as this outer-planet energetically influences the climax of this lunar cycle, we are able to ground ourselves in sturdy and fertile soil. Here, our feelings and emotional truths are granted a sense of wisdom; this is a strong, practical Moon – under this influence we are able to set boundaries and constructively utilize our intuition.


Neptune commences its annual retrograde on June 25; the fourth planet to move through June, with an internal focus. The effects of this outer-planet are subtle, revealing themselves over a longer stretch of time. In retrograde, Neptunes ability to dissolve hard edges through illusion and rose-tinted deception, is exchanged for reality checks. The further from the truth you have travelled, or routinely used escapism to solve problems/assist in self-deception, the harder the intervention and withdrawal will be. This transit is encouraging a departure from fantasy, so we can centre and develop realities that are more authentic.


At the end of the month, on June 27, Venus leaves Cancer and moves into Leo. As this planet leaves the comfortable depths of this cardinal water sign, it shifts into a more outgoing and unreserved energy-field. In Leo, Venus wants to be seen and heard. Here, Venus encourages us to fall in love with life; enjoying the pleasures of our surroundings and the company of significant-others.

Author: Beatrice Robinson

About: Beatrice has been studying and practicing Western Astrology for nearly a decade; understanding and utilizing the planets and their cycles, as powerful tools for self-realization. Beatrice helps people to return to their innate nature, their authentic selves—reading, interpreting and translating the energetic patterns of the planets; so her clients can embody their gifts, work through karma and acknowledge their life path.

Beatrice is certified by and received in-depth training through, The School of Traditional Astrology, London; holds membership with the Astrological Association of Great Britain, and is represented by the Healers. collective.

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