The new moon that occurs in Cancer on July 9 gives us a chance to understand our emotions on a deeper level, and Mercury‘s ingress into Cancer on July 11 allows us to completely internalise these sentiments. Mercury in Cancer is not very vocally expressive, however, which means that we’ll be relying on people to pick up on our emotions intuitively without discussing them. Sensual Venus and action-oriented Mars link up in Leo on July 13, pushing us to move towards what we love. Romantic Venus enters analytical Virgo on July 21, making us think hard about what lifestyle changes we want to commit to — and the best way to help us do so is to be conservative with our spending. The end of the month gives us plenty of opportunities for reflection: The sun enters Leo on July 22, allowing us to lean into our carnal creative desires, while the full moon in Aquarius on July 23 will have us considering the next direction we will be taking in life. Mercury enters Leo on July 27, giving flair and drama to our words. Declarations of the heart will be bigger, so be careful about what you promise. Jupiter backtracks into Aquarius on July 28, urging us to fight against the outdated conventions of society and implement new structures — a transit that’s nicely complimented by Mars entering Virgo on July 29, urging us to think before we act.


It’s been a long time since you’ve taken personal time to reflect and decompress. July 9’s new moon in Cancer inspires you to reconnect with yourself on a soulful level. This means responding at your own pace to unimportant emails and texts, as you focus solely on unwinding from the grind. The beginning days of July will refresh your energy for the weeks ahead. You’ll hit a high on July 29 when your planetary ruler, Mars, enters Virgo. This will add stamina to your vibe and help you receive your innate desires with ease. Being that you spent the beginning of the month chilling, it’ll be easy for you to attain your goals through mindfulness, which will boost the ability to attain your passions quickly.


Flitting from texts, DMs, and FaceTime calls will put your brain in overdrive on July 9 and July 11, during the new moon in Cancer and Mercury’s entrance into the sign of the crab, respectively. You’ll have an opportunity to take space to rest when the sun enters Leo on July 22. Find the moments of calm that you crave and need; this will also ease up on the stress that you’re feeling at work. Step away from your computer when the going gets tense and tough during July 23’s Aquarius full moon to have peace of mind. This will bring you into a whole new professional vibe and restore your energy when Jupiter retrograde in Aquarius reenters the career sector of your chart on July 28.


The new moon that occurs in Cancer on July 9 is your chance to boost your financial wellbeing, Gemini — if you’re ready to start a regimented savings plan. To benefit your savings account and financial health in general, ask a trusted advisor for guidance on July 11, when Mercury enters Cancer. You’ll have a chance to put the monetary advice into action during the annual Venus-Mars conjunction that occurs on July 13, leading you into Leo season (which commences on July 22) on a financial high note, which will peak when Mercury shifts into Leo on July 27. You’ll end the month with more cash at hand, less burdens, and a whole new mindset when it comes to the way you spend.


You are always leaned upon by your friends for support, which gives you a lot of pleasure in life. So you’ll mostly enjoy July 9’s new moon in Cancer and Mercury’s shift into Cancer on July 11, both of which will make others seek out comfort from you. Despite your nurturing soul, however, it’s important to understand that you don’t have to feel bad if you can’t give your all. This may be the case during the full moon in Aquarius on July 23. You may not have it in you to give 100% of your energy to your squad, mostly because your loving cup is getting depleted. You can’t give to those you care about if you aren’t doubling up on self-care and TLC for yourself.


Secrets will be revealed during July 9’s new moon in Cancer and Mercury’s ingress into Cancer on July 11. Keep in mind that the skeletons that are being revealed in the beginning of July could very well be yours. If you are finding that a friend is acting shady, then it’s time to put the relationship on ice for the time being until you find your footing in the friendship. However, you may want to unfollow, unfriend, and say “thank you, next” to those you aren’t interested in working out your problems with, which will be the subject of the Venus-Mars conjunction on July 13 and the Aquarius full moon on July 23. Friendships that are worth the effort, though, will be rejuvenated during the full moon.


The new moon in Cancer on July 9 and Mercury’s movement into Cancer on July 11 activate the elusive Neptunian vibes that are affecting your interpersonal relationships. You are wearing rose-colored glasses and not comprehending the whole picture. You’re in love with the dream of being in love, not the reality of these situations and partnerships. Be aware of this sentiment during the Aquarius full moon on July 23 and use its strength to stand strong on July 29, when Mars aligns with your sun. It’ll give you the ability to see matters clearly and understand the truth in all situations. Then, you can decide the best way to move forward in all matters of life and make decisions about your relationships knowing the tea.


Even though July 9‘s new moon in Cancer pushes you into the limelight, you’re still wary of being in the public eye. TBH, it’s not that you don’t love admiration; you just have mixed emotions regarding the unwanted attention you’re getting from others. You are at a professional high, which can make the haters jealous and push them to leave nasty comments on your social media about your success when Venus enters Virgo on July 21. Don’t stress! The drama will die down on July 29, when Mars enters Virgo. All of these unnecessary issues and situations within your squad will bring you closer in finding out who your real friends are during July 23’s Aquarius full moon — ending the month on a truthful note.


Taking the high road is hard, especially when you know you are right and others are wrong. The Cancer new moon on July 9 gives you the chance to speak your mind and insert your innate wisdom into matters. Although you have the best intentions in making relationships better, others may not trust your motives. It will make you sad during the Aquarius full moon on July 23 to think that your intentions are being questioned; however, you will let it go and choose to focus on the positives in your life by the time Mars enters Virgo on July 29. Disengaging from the negativity will be very challenging, but it’ll take you to an emotionally rich place that will bring you face-to-face with your inner happy sentiments.


Boundaries are hard, especially when you are known to push limits all the time. July starts off with you learning the hard way to not overstep and to stay in your lane — particularly during the Cancer new moon on July 9 and when Mercury enters Cancer on July 11. These transits will pay off later, when others gently express their need to create space within the relationship during the Aquarius full moon on July 23. You’ll have learned that it’s not personal, and shouldn’t be taken that way, allowing you to respect their wishes. The truth of the matter is that your besties need a moment to reflect on their own lives and deal with their issues, all of which you’ll come to understand even more deeply on July 28, when Jupiter moonwalks back into Aquarius. Capricorn All good things must come to an end and evolve. July 9’s new moon in Cancer offers you the opportunity to hit the reset button on difficult relationships. Letting people who’ve been having friction with speak their mind and hearts on July 11, when Mercury enters Cancer, will allow you both to heal past matters. Being heard and seen is important to both of you, which is why it’s an ideal time to squash the drama. The Sun’s movement into Leo on July 22 and the Aquarius full moon on July 23 creates a transformative state that will allow this friendship to bloom and soar in the months ahead. Bottom line: Let go of the dramz and move forward with your BFF.


July 9’s new moon in Cancer urges you to give a lot of affection and attention to your crush or partner. The caveat is that you will begin to feel as though you’re giving more than you’re receiving — a sentiment that will come to light during the sun’s shift into Leo on July 22 and the Aquarius full moon on July 23. Therefore, it’s time to take your power back! This doesn’t mean that you have to cut your honey off completely, but you should set the standard that you won’t be the only one putting the effort into the relationship; they have to step up their game too. Communicating feelings on July 28 when Jupiter retrograde realigns with your Sun will be easy and healing.


July 9‘s new moon in Cancer urges you to step up your confidence and to embrace your fabulousness. Although you tend to shy away from showing off your amazing attributes, it’s time for you to become aware of the fact that you’re awesome and you know it. Posting a fresh selfie or thirst trap in your IG stories when Mercury enters Cancer on July 11 will boost your confidence (due to all the likes and lovely comments you will receive). It’ll even catch the eye of your crush, who will send you a charming message and try to connect with you on July 13, during the Venus-Mars conjunction in Leo and maybe again on July 23 during the full moon in Aquarius. Don’t be bashful — flirt back!

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